So Legit


Fresh from making his successful return to the music scene with How We Live, London Ivy returns with his another power filled record called So Legit.

His rhyming lyrics and wordplay come to the forefront on this record and allow you a full scope into his ability as a musician. The beat accompanying the track is another masterpiece that gives London Ivy the platform for you to bop your head when he smashes bar after bar.

Taken from his upcoming EP Life of London which is available on February 26th, this is another track to show his wide range of talent as a music artist who is being hailed by Gigslutz;

London Ivy showcase his unmistakeable talent for skilful wordplay and when merged with the atmospheric beat, you get a triumphantly memorable track. If the rest of Life Of London is of this calibre then London Ivy can definitely look forward to enjoying an amazing 2016.

You can follow London Ivy’s journey below:


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