“Acreator with ambitious aims” – Pigeons & Planes

“The plight of the artist and the struggle obviously isn’t lost on Adian, don’t let the slickness fool you. The young lord is on a hustle” – Hunger

Adian Coker takes ‘Aim’ and shows what a true marksman he is on his brand new single taken from forthcoming E.P ‘Connect’.

A futuristic galaxy of electro synths orbit around an explorative drum beat making way for the entrance of a rock fuelled hook. Adian Coker takes a strong lyrical stance on ‘Aim’, a quality that Adian Coker fans will already be accustomed to, however there’s something notably different about this record. There’s a relaxed edge that to the track, aided by the smooth and R&B, soulful hook from Bluey Robinson. Aim feels accessible and the perfect introduction to ‘Connect’ his listeners to his new capsule of music.

In recent years, Adian Coker has earned an array of support from some of the most impressivemusic platforms. Each of them delve in to Adian Coker’s musical output giving nod’s to his ingenuity, depth and ambition yet there’s always been an air of mystery surrounding him and his music. ‘Connect’ is a very deliberate release, offering an identifiable side to Adian Coker that we haven’t seen before. The release gives an understanding and a much more upbeat and playful element to his music without any compromise on quality. The records ooze with eloquence and as expected, the E.P is something of a masterpiece in itself but this time it’s touchable, it’s exciting and it’s within reach.

A new chapter begins and with his production and lyricism, Adian Coker takes ‘Aim’ and has the target clearly within his sight.

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