Ama Wilde releases “Sing the nightmares a Lullaby” an inspiring, soulful single due for release 30th August 2020. First single from the album ”How we Rise”. Empowering lyrics accompany an eclectic edgy Pop with  Jazzy, Latin undertones. Ama’s unique tone melts into a hearty Sax and majestic guitar sounds and echoes the inspired female power of Nina Simone and Janis Joplin.

Ama (literal meaning in Spanish is to love) explores the depths of human condition and far beyond our minds into the vibration of spirit. She delves into the into pain and trauma to brightly colour the relief this wisdom brings and ”turn false sight into vision” From the depths of despair to the child-like wonder and gratitude that is our intrinsic nature.”Learning how to fall” and ”if it persists i shall be relentless” from ”courage to fearlessness”.Wilde embraces our power for healing inspired by the metamorphosis of the being, to find universal insights of light, freedom and connection
Ama Wilde was born in the magical ‘Costa da Morte’, in the North West of Spain. She moved to London at age 9 when she wrote her first poems inspired by the polar experiences and a sense of finding connection and herself. This has been at the core of her writings in much of her work. She has endured much physical pain and writing has been the anchor to her sense of self and relentless resilience.
She studied fine Art in London Metropolitan and university of Arts London before forming String Theory in 2009 for whom she also wrote and fronted. Ama also worked with many bands, as well as collaborating with producers and musicians around Europe and the UK and recites her poetry and performs in and around London.
”We are living a time of never before seen  change and coming together we must connect with our hearts and let them rebel ♡”
Wilde has received coverage by local newspapers and Television in the UK and Spain. She has played many venues across Europe, specially London; including Ronnie Scotts, The Blues Kitchen and Purple Turtle and recited in venues such as the poetry cafe and local festivals. In 2019 wrote a song called ”Break the Chain” for Extinction Rebellion. She has previously received funding from Genesis Arts.  

Email: [email protected]