In the days of old, photographers needed to take their time preparing their camera to take the perfect  shot; this maximised the usage of the oh so expensive(my pockets hurt thinking about it) film, and saving money getting it developed(Kodak any one).

The digital age is here and computers can fly planes, make cars more aerodynamic and process large amounts of information in a second.  This brings me nicely to the title; inside a “digital” SLR is a brain which on AUTO tries to give you Accurate exposure; that is its’ job.  You see, you don’t have the ability to talk to machines thus it has no idea what you are trying to create; though many may argue as when you tell your laptop to work and it does (it’s coincidence silly).

Auto can’t do the following:

  • Know who the subject is
  • Freeze-frame an F1 car
  • Provide you with creative lighting(needed for every type of shot except maybe spot)
  • Shot in any environment (some specific camera can like the 7D but these are newer cameras)
  • Allow you to take stunning landscape shots (maybe a couple cokin stop filters could achieve the effect hmm… )

Light is one of the sole most important tool in photography, if you don’t have control over it, you are NOT a PHOTOGRAPHER and you might as well have stayed with a compact…….


Just playing you are just someone who is unaware of what their camera is truly capable of and are therefore limited in the type of shots you can take, thus your skill level will forever be mediocre to average…..


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