Everybody Leaves ft Cruise City (of Grands Hill)

Artist Name: Ben Ridley

Genre: Rap/hip-hop/grime

Where to find: soundcloud, bandcamp. youtube

From: South East London Peckham

Age: 24

Description: Ben Ridley is about self realisation, romance, encouragement, self improvement, social commentary and discussing philosophies on spirituality and humanity

Contact: [email protected]  Mobile: 07572459770

Ben Ridley has had a lot of radio play on stations like On Top fm from Mr Barz, Dejavu Fm from Dj Lukan and Miss Hindz


Ben Ridley’s work makes you feel as if you were floating in the ocean at night time staring at the moon, for the most part it’s very introspective and chilled but Ben makes sure the listener takes a great dose of encouragement and self assurance. Your’e likely to think about your love lost, the way life tries to knock you down and how strong you are for resisting and standing tall all at once while listening to Ben Ridley.

Ben Ridley is currently working on a project that will be called “THINGS I’VE BEEN WANTING TO TELL YOU”, at this current time Ben is frequently releasing songs as part of an audio series named “Can You See It”. This series includes songs such as “SuperLoner”, ” The Field” “Everybody Leaves” and ” For The Gods”

Everybody Leaves sees Ben in a very emotional state expressing the fatigue he feels from playing the game of love only to lose repeatedly, the Cyrus produced beat is very chilling yet the percussion give it a grime/skepta like bounce that makes the track feel more like Ben is gaining confidence to be alone rather than being super soppy. The vocals and lyrics contributed by Cruise City further establish “Say you wanna leave, then f**king leave”; as does the chorus written and performed by Ben Ridley in which he groans “Hurry up and leave me on my own, all on my own ‘cos everybody leaves me on my own”.

SuperLoner is a very abstract, dark and mellow song with an upbeat and aggressive switch up toward the end of the short song, the music video for this song matches this feeling. With references to the first Matrix movie the video and song seem to say that our social networking addicted generation is in a kind of matrix and encourage us to experience actual life to the fullest.

For The Gods feels like Erykah Badhu, Chris Martin and Kid Cudi gave birth to an audio baby, the lyrics touch on everyday human relationships, race issues and self image within the black community and religious/spiritual ideology all without coming across preachy or being completely unrelatable. Cyrus produced a beat that will leave you feeling as if you are high while the vocals from Ben Ridley and Abigail Kwakye massage your soul.

The Field shows Ben Ridley’s almost passive aggressive side yet the track is melodic and vibey think septa meets kid cudi, very british, very blunt lyrically, very, very wavy. This track is produced by TNGR affiliate and Grands Hill member Cruise City; Ben expresses his dislike for small talk and pretentious people whilst experimenting with different cadences and very interesting flows.

Ben Ridley displays a shocking amount of honesty in his songs that will both grab the ear of the listener and probably make them feel comforted knowing they too do/think the same way. Ben Ridley is quite like a rap Bob Dylan in that he is always saying a lot of deep and meaningful things in his songs yet he does not neglect the music and melody, making his music easy and enjoyable to listen to first and foremost.

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