Artist: CILLA RAIE                 Genre: R&B / Pop               Release: CILLA RAIE               E.P – 07/11/2014



The Burning Taper… CILLA RAIE Long gone are the days of showcasing unsigned singer-songwriters to the music industry elite before they’ve built up a strong social media presence, these days showcasing emerging talent seems like a bold move. Cilla Raie proves that sometimes the direct approach is the only approach. Presenting Cilla Raie to all tastemakers… Cilla Raie ’s debut single ”NO LOVE” is three minutes of multi-coloured attitude ripping into an R&B/ Pop fusion with sing-along chorus and punchy hooks like – ‘There’s no records of me and you, turned my role into somebody new’, that US Hit Songwriter Claude Kelly might wish he had written. Delivering firmly executed modern R&B with rock-solid song writing and production should have no trouble finding a young audience worldwide. Born, Priscilla Raie Masala the 20-year-old Popstar’s alter ego ‘Cilla Raie’ is a safe haven for her creativity.

Starting with her first studio recordings at just 14 years old, where she wrote and recorded her first song using her brothers home studio equipment; fast forward 6 years and she is about to release her self-titled debut E.P, which is self written and co-produced by UK producer’s ‘Sillkey,’ [Wiley – Can Your Hear Me? (Ayayaya)] (#3 UK charts), ‘Joey Dyer’ [Conor Maynard – Cant Say No] and ‘The Arcade’ [Iggy Azalea – Fancy].

“All these years of developing myself helped me find my sound, I can’t wait to start releasing music; I’ve always had a burning desire to share my passion” “Still so very unknown, but when you listen to this album sampler you knows there will soon be some considerable big-label heavyweights backing this lady. One to watch for sure.” – (Extract from Interview with

“I never understood why things didn’t happen sooner, but it’s all been a blessing in disguise (I guess), I’ve had the opportunity to have hands on experience, learn and perfect my craft working with top industry professionals. Last year I spent sometime in Los Angeles working with various producers both as an Artist as well as a session songwriter. It’s always been my passion to be an Artist although, a lot of doors opened for me as songwriter. Whilst I was creating demos for other Artists, I found the label representatives were interested in my solo music career.”

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