How To Create A Flawless Natural Makeup Look

One of our very own @Dami_Avo (Instagram) is here to show you how to create a flawless natural makeup look!

Here is the list of products used:

Vital Eyebrow Pencil
Sleek Eyebrow Pencil 191
MAC NC45 Studio Finish Concealor
MAC Matchmaster Foundation 6.0
NYC Eyeliner
NYC Curl Mascara
Eyeshadow Palette (Ebay)
Beauty Forever Eyeliner
Ben Nye Bananna Powder
Sleek Contour Face Kit (Medium)
MUA Bronzer (Shade 1)
MUA Sheer Finish Lipgloss
Doris Michaels Blush/Bronzer (Light)
MAC Skin Miniralize Finish (Dark)
Beauty Blenders (Amazon)

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