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Daviniastar ceo of inspired by music and you’re a star monthly music showcase known for her commitment to the promotion and awareness of unsigned music artists worldwide.

As a music artist and showcase manager Daviniastar’s radio career began when a renoun music legend in his own right Mr Dennis Rowe (Saxon Sound ) introduced her to a radio dj Ras Wonder and initiated that Daviniastar hosts the local entertainment news on his weekly show. This resulted very quickly in Daviniastar hosting her own show a party thru the airwaves “sexy in the city” which became a favourite with party goers on a Friday night. The listenership grasped her natural vibes and musical charm and Daviniastar love for music became very apparent.

Not very familiar with the technical side or equipment of the radio set up Daviniastar with the help of established DJs and friends gained the confidence and determination to learn to present her show with her own unique flare and professional presentation and admiration for female dj’s as Jenny Francais and uni friend Dj Misstress Sophine Daviniastar became able to conduct interviews with various music artists of all genres worldwide. Daviniastar also teamed up with her blood brother ceo of www.promomag.co.uk and they started the promomag top 20, this was to showcase 20 artists via the website and worldwide votes would crown the winner of best song\video on her radio show, and along with her monthly showcase this became very popular with the listenership.

Daviniastar was given the opportunity to join the award winning real buzz radio team, presenting the urban\singles top 20 countdown and compliments this the second hour with the Saturday work out session for listeners a mix and blend of genres to appeal to all music lovers.

Interviewing legends such as Tippa Irie, MC Buskin heartless crew and many more. Her unique approach and distinctive voice and hosting style make her presence well received through the airwaves

It was only right December 2015 Daviniastar teamed up with her very good friend producer/dj Weedy G in Switzerland and became executive producer on the Beech Riddim distributed by VP records and doing massively great worldwide.

Daviniastar also now a creditable club dj moves from heights to heights within the music and entertainment industry. Now her new home Choice for Music see’s new heights for Daviniastar. Quite rightly an ambassadress of unsigned music

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Instagram: Davinia_charmiane

Facebook page: inspired by music

Group: you’re a star in association with promomag