Dina’s life as a musician began before she was born. Through the contagious love of music by her parents, music was introduced to her before she even knew what music was. She was raised in a household of classical musicians and from the age of four years old she began studying voice, piano, and violin. Dina also acquired additional training from the Berklee College of Music. Her classical beginnings and education contributed to shape her as a singer with an accomplished technique that exudes tenderness and sensuality in several languages.

Dina has worked with talents such as Oscar, Grammy, and Golden Globe-nominated songwriter Jud Friedman, Grammy-nominated Marco Marinengeli, and world renowned composer/producer Rick Allison. Currently, she is working with pianist/songwriter Jeff Franzel whose music has been featured worldwide and in major motion pictures including the film, Runaway Bride, which features Julia Roberts.

She shares more about her upcoming single, Make it Rain, that debuts on January 15, 2021.

How was the song created?

“Make it Rain” began the collaboration between the brilliant composer/pianist Jeff Franzel and I. It marked the fusion of two styles and marked a creative transition in my life. We began the song a couple of years ago but it needed a few more missing elements to come full circle. We found those elements when we brought talented producer/composer Yuri Zwadiuk and the wonderful mastering engineer Evgeniy Kochubey (Gean Koach) on board. Yuri’s magic breathed new life into the production and Evgeniy’s careful attention to detail allowed everything to shine.

What is the story and message behind “Make it Rain”?

At the time when we wrote the song, I was dealing with a lot of mixed emotions and a hard situation. I felt overwhelmed and almost buried under the weight of it all. I knew I had to find a healthy and elegant way to move forward from my past. We decided to shape a melody that evoked beauty and hope. Like most of my songs, the lyrics took form while we were in the process of writing the melody.

Soon, word by word the message became clear, it became a song about facing pain and hardship straight on, letting yourself experience it all and knowing that embracing that experience would lead to the way out.

What do you hope your listeners will take away from the song?

Oftentimes, we are scared to experience pain. Even though we want to get through difficult situations, we avoid letting ourselves FULLY face our feelings and avoid taking the time to process the emotions affecting us deep down. My hopes are to remind my listeners to be brave enough to allow themselves to feel when they are scared, allow themselves to cry when it hurts, and trust in their strength to guide them through any storm they are facing.

“Make it Rain” – is available on all major platforms! (Link below)


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