Hi Dre Da Kingpen – how are you?

Im doin very well! Thank you for asking. I feel like you always will be winning if you woke up this morning.

Tell us a bit about yourself?

I’m a 29 year old rapper from San Diego California. Growing up i was for sure known as the life of the party that never turns off or down lol I’ve been rapping for quite a few years now but it didn’t really get serious until after high school. That’s when I started gettin a really good buzz for my work. I’ve gone on to perform dozens of shows, headline a few converts, as well as make a couple tv appearances. Which one happened to be BET.

What inspired you to start making music early on in your career?

My parents. Ive always looked up to them so they are who taught me everything I know.

Was there anyone specific that inspired your sound?

Definitely lil wayne. I’m not afraid to admit it. That dude is a straight up animal when it comes to rapping.

If you could work with any artist now, who would it be?

I would like to work with Drake for sure, wayne of course and Chris Breezy.

I see that you are a BET 106 and park winner. How was that experience and how has it helped you grow as an artist?

Man that was mind blowing. Especially due to the fact that I got there with just a prayer and a couple bucks (which went towards auditioning lol). It helped me grow as a artist by revealing to me that I can literally do anything i out my mind to. I didn’t have a huge fan base that went with me to audition or the flyest clothes. Just God and the talent he gave me and boom. Ended up winning. So my now there are no excuses.

What has been one of highlights of your music career?

Well the BET experience, as well as being flown out to Arizona to headline a concert for some teens.

Your most recent project entitled “We Workin” with your group LXMB released in February 2020 are there any group projects dropping soon?

Yes, we are currently working in a new album titled “Beach Boys” that hopefully will be out by the end of this year.

What is next for Dre Da Kingpen?

Our upcoming album and a new flow and style. I’ve been know for dope bars which will never change but I’m about to start hitting the world with major vibes.

Finally – what piece of advice would you give any aspiring creator and artist out there?

Stop overthinking & making excuses. Just go! Do whatever you’ve been wanting to do with whatever you have. STOP waiting for the perfect moment.