Hi Drip$um – how are you?
I’m good

Tell us a bit about yourself?
I’m really jus a cool ass nigga I’m really into Japanese culture tbh so of course I watch anime , into fashion too I’m always right on da fit, I do camera work too, so I watch videoes bout dat shit

What inspired you to start making music early on in your career?
Well I love music in general like everything bout it, messin around wit gang and made a track and been going up since

Was there anyone specific that inspired your sound?
Well I would say og maco n Key and Kanye west

If you could work with any artist now, who would it be?
Rn I wanna work wit lil candypaint n ngeeyl

What are the highlights of your music career so far?
Working with campaignATL n gambino in Atlanta

Your most recent project is entitled “Me Being Me” tell us more about what inspired you?
I just want people to know to be them you don’t have act like nobody

What is next for Drip$um ?
I’m in the studio working on my next project n look out for merch otw too mo videoes

Finally – what piece of advice would you give any aspiring creator and artist out there?
Learn everything you can n go off