Jeff Beck’s Drummer Jonathan Joseph delivers a killer masterclass at ACM

Jeff Beck's Drummer Jonathan Joseph

Drummer to the stars Jonathan Joseph delivers a killer masterclass at ACM

Jonathan Joseph has enjoyed an excellent career in the music industry having performed alongside artists such as Jeff Beck and Joss Stone. As a musician who is at the top of his game, Jonathan took some time out of his busy schedule to give back to the next generation of talent in the form of a masterclass at The Academy Of Contemporary Music.

The session focused on Jonathan demonstrating different ancient African rhythms that wouldn’t traditionally have been played on drums and translating them to be performed on a modern drum kit. Alongside this, he also taught students polyrhythms and pieces with very challenging timings. Throughout the class Jonathan’s fantastic personality shone through with students in awe of his incredible talent.

Questions were encouraged throughout and students left having learnt a great deal about the versatile instrument that is the drums.

The masterclass drew to a close with Jonathan performing a very complex piece to a backing track that looked like something out of the film Whiplash. His control and speed was truly phenomenal.

“Jonathan Joseph was an incredible force as soon as he entered the demo theatre in ACM.

The students were visibly excited at the prospect of experiencing a world-class performer. He amazed and mesmerised people with stunning polyrhythms and new interpretations of ancient African beats. His outgoing and glowing personality really captured the classes attention and imagination. With his impressive artist roster appearances under his belt and the fact that he is currently Jeff Beck’s drummer we were definitely treated to a phenomenal masterclass.”

  • Ace Head of Creative Industry Development and Guitarist in Skunk Anansie

Jonathan’s top advice to students was simply to practice.

If you’d like to have masterclasses from musicians to the stars, register for an open day here:

Classes start in September.

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