Tell us a bit about yourself?
My name’s Eric & I run a music website By The Barricade. The team focus on educational articles like
how to sell song lyrics” and “how to ship vinyl records”.

Was there anyone specific that inspires you?
Scott Waldman is a big inspiration. It’s fun to watch how fast his management company helps bands
grow. I haven’t found a small team that accomplishes more than him for artists.

I see that you are the founder of Awfully Good Records, what are the key things you look for in an artist
when signing them to your label?
Tour experience is a big one. I want to work with artists who have tried to make it themselves first.
Bands that have already spent time on the road and in recording studios seem to appreciate the support
we offer a lot more than the bands that are waiting for permission to chase their dreams.
Communication is also really important to me. I can’t count how many times submission emails start like
“Yo dawn WAZ UP”. Those get promptly ignored. AGR’s team is small so we don’t have time to answer
every email on a band’s behalf. We need to be confident that they can handle emails and industry
relationships professionally.

Photo: Eric Walden

What inspired you to start making this website?
I was reviewing shows for and they started to get a lot of readers. I realized local
bands got way more excited about interviews than major names and shared the articles with their fans.
By The Barricade was started so we could focus on articles and interviews with bands that would
appreciate it instead of aiming for big names.

How does the website work? Is it easy for content creators to post a project?
We hire writers from around the world to write articles answering questions people are asking on
Google etc. Their writing test is a bit challenging but once approved I provide a list of topics and they
claim the ones that interest them the most.

We do cover artist interviews, news, and reviews when there’s time but it isn’t really our focus. We
really want to help aspiring artists and fans find answers to common questions. I’m hoping to do more
as the team grows but right now everyone’s schedule is pretty packed.

What can I expect from your platforms in the future?
We’re planning to start a YouTube channel soon. I’m not sure about the specific launch date but keep
your eyes peeled. The team and I are pretty excited to start talking about music in front of a camera
instead of just a keyboard.
Thanks for the interview, I really enjoyed it!