Talented rapper and music business entrepreneur, Tye Da CEO, follows up the release of two hit singles – “Sky High” and “Star Treck” with the Star Treck video

Tye Da CEO of Tyeland Entertainment looks poised to challenge the heavyweights in the rap game as the talented musician from Grand Rapids recently dropped the video to “Star Treck,” which has been doing good numbers and getting a great response. “Star Treck” is one of the two hard-hitting tracks the talented female rapper recently dropped, with the other work titled “Sky High,” also getting massive airplay.

“Sky High” Listen Now


Born Tonia Saffore, Tye Da CEO has been in the music business for ten years strong and decided to carve a niche in the industry with the launch of Tyeland Entertainment. Thanks to her amazing lyrical strength and passion that are obvious in every line she spits, Tye Da CEO can comfortably take on any female rapper. The multifaceted entertainer offers a triple threat of amazing rapping, writing music, and marketing skills. Her unique talent and style of music have put the city of Grand Rapids streets, as well as the internet on lock.

Tye Da CEO aims to use music as a tool to inspire millions of people across the globe by delivering thought-provoking yet entertaining lyrics on banging beats. “Honestly I want the people out there to feel my music on a level of being an inspiration to them in some kind of way. I need the music to touch you in the inside, I have a great friend who always told me there is somebody somewhere around who is being inspired by you and I do believe that,” said Tye Da CEO.

Tye had to make a lot of sacrifices to get to where she is now, however, she has learned so much along the way. From Marketing to networking, she takes full responsibility for every aspect of her career. This unrelenting hustle mindset shines through in her music which she tells all. She chronicles every win and every setback in smooth, charismatic detail in her heavy-hitting, hip-hop anthems.

In the past five years, Tye has been out on the road to sell her CDs independently from the streets to the internet. She has also managed and mentored several young artists who have decided to join Tyeland Ent. Ten years later, she is determined more than ever to get her foot in the door. Showcasing her talents from Michigan to California, Tye has definitely broadened her fan base from the streets to the mainstream.
In addition to the release of the new video, Tye Da CEO will be going on a promotional tour late fall to bring more awareness to her project.


Instagram: @tyeda_ceo616

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