Flyboi Rich born Phillip Looney is an inspired artist from Detroit Michigan. He always was into music and sports as a kid and chose thats what he wanted to pursue. While other kids was outside playing and having fun, him and a chosen few of his friends were focusing on the music aspects of life.They worked for hours and hours trying to figure out the perfect songs to put on the internet. Working harder and focusing on school took a toll on the young emcee to be so he held it off for a while and focused more on his school studies.

Once he became older he began to get more into the outside life which helped him with his music and gain more street knowledge. He started to battle in the streets and learn to make beats and upgrade his studio equipment. Seeing the progression of the artist a few people in the neighborhood started to reach out and help with his dream. Teaming up with hs peers he began to gradually improve in his writing skills and song making. Upon one of his peers another emcee name Jovie decided to show him a couple contacts to help with his career.
As of today, Flyboi Rich is doing songs and has dropped few mixtapes to showcase his talent and has worked with great detroit producers as well as videographers. He continues to gradually improve and is a really talented and different Detroit artist. From getting numerous songs on unsigned hype at 107.5, 97.9 and working with the legend Kidd Da Producer he has continually showed off his lyricism and clever rhyme schemes. I can see a promising future for the D.O.P.E (Da Ones People Envy) artist they call Fyboi Rich – Ibrahim Malko

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