Grime artist Gushy started rapping to cope with mental health issues, but now it’s his biggest passion. Hear his story of struggle and resilience in ‘Stepping Stones’


Label – HBK Official Music

Gushy, whose artist name means ‘lyrical, wordy and over the top’, makes music to help people in pain feel less alone. Based on his life experiences, ‘Stepping Stones’ is a musical record of Gushy’s come-up from a place of darkness and his personal promise to do better every day.

“There was a point in my life where I didnt know how to deal with my problems and it would affect the way I would socialise with people. I isolated myself as a result. Now that Im in a good place, I want to help others that are not necessarily in the greatest of places themselves. I want them to know how I was able to work towards maintaining my mental peace. I never want anyone to feel the way I did but if it ever comes to that stage then I hope my current and future projects can help them get through the tough times.” GUSHY

‘Stepping Stones’ is available on all digital streaming platforms.