Jackie is a brazilian artist, who has made quite a name for herself writing for other singers, but uses occasionally a song will be too personal to give to someone else, Pieces is one of them. The song sounds almost like a cross between Adele and Lewis Capaldi, very much focused on bringing a message out. While some of Jackie’s songs are made to make you dance and live large, this one is for the moments where you just want to scream the lyrics along in a car with friends, or listen to when you’re in the feels. I know it had all of us shedding a tear or two. As times are tough right now for everyone, Jackie paused all her current releases, except this one. SHe felt it could help a few people through. It’s a song about love, about pain and about support, no matter what. The star of this tune is emotion. The emotion that comes out of the voice. The type of song where u know the words the second time through and its stuck in your head. This is Jackie going back to her piano routes.

Artist Name: Jackie Apostel
Single Title: Pieces
Genre: Pop / Contemporary R&B / Soul
Release date for Single, Pieces: 26.06.2020



Previous single’s music video off the upcoming album: