Tell us a bit about yourself?

I am an electronic and pop artist that have been self-releasing music since 2017. I actually started my music journey when I was around 7 years old with classical, but it wasn’t until I got into high school that I was drawn into the pop and electronic music scene. Today I mainly focus on electronic music while sneaking in some classical sounds.

What inspired you to start making music early on in your career?

I remember during high school, we were given a lot of tasks to compose music. I remember these types of assignments were very easy and enjoyable to do, and my peers would encourage me to keep going with my songwriting. Then in 2016, after being caught in the EDM hype, I decided to try it myself by enrolling myself into a production course. That was the best thing I ever did and it changed my view on what I wanted to pursue in music.

Was there anyone specific that inspired your sound?

These days I am very inspired by DJs like Martin Garrix, David Guetta and Steve Aoki. I’m also inspired by pop artists like Lady Gaga and Michael Jackson that came crashing into the music scene with their own uniqueness and individuality. I hope one day I would be able to do the same thing.

If you could work with any artist now, who would it be?

I would love to collaborate with some other artists from my home country of Australia, such as Sia and Troye Sivan.

I see that you created a music website called What inspired you to create this?

After I began releasing music in 2017, that allowed me to put music in my resume. That opened doors for me to apply for jobs as songwriters and composers in several companies,

which I did and enjoyed. However when my contract ended, I decided I wanted to start my own company so I started a website where I could sell my music along with their copyrights for other artists and labels to purchase. The website became a major hit and now it has been turned into a marketplace. If you are interested, you can head over to Gemtracks now.

How does the website work? Is it easy for content creators to use for a project?

Anyone can sign up and upload their beats or instrumentals. Each beat will only be sold once, and the buyer gets the full copyright ownership transferred to them. There is a very easy user interface that includes uploading the cover art, mastered tracks and the stems. The website will then take care of everything.

What can I expect from this platform in the future?

Eventually, visitors will be able to look for producers and instrumentalist to collaborate with, straight on the website. I am also currently making deals with several music studios so that visitors can get discounts for their next recording session.

What has been one of highlights of creating and running the website?

The highlight is seeing people actually coming to the website at random times of the day as proof that words are going around, seeing the website being bookmarked on social websites and then seeing visitors return time and time again. It makes me feel like I’m making a different.

What is next for Jesse Neo?

I will be releasing more songs and a music video. They will probably be next year though because all my recording and filming sessions had to be postponed due to the pandemic. But that’s okay because it gives me more time to prepare myself.

Finally – what piece of advice would you give any aspiring creator and artist out there?

Just start now. Be yourself, be unique and magnify the pat of you that is most exotic and weird, because that’s what makes you special.