Joel Musser was born February 9th 1999 and got his artist name Joel Muss because a lot of people called him Joel muss and it felt right for use it. Joel is from a small town in Pennsylvania called wood,Joel spent all of his hard earned 9-5 money on studio time instead of paying his bills which most of the time run him into the problem of running behind on his payments just because he has so much confidence in his music

Growing up he always attempted to make music but where he’s from it’s not very heard of for someone to chase a dream on their own, especially making the music he wanted to make. Being from a very redneck area. Lil Wayne is his favorite artist and inspired him to pursue his dream with music career.

After Joel hit high school his parents got divorced his mom left his dad because they were dead broke and didn’t have much not even a running vehicle barley ever had food in the house were really struggling and he remembers thinking what would be the best way to get me and my 3 sisters and my mom out of this situation, becoming a famous artist or a famous athlete but after all the things my family went through it gave him anxiety and depression and the only thing that truly made him feel better was music.

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