Jungle Brown return with there 3rd Music Video. 'Fulltime' is taken from there 'Take 1' EP.

Download 'Take 1' here – https://junglebrown.bandcamp.com

Jungle Brown is a UK Hip-Hop group. The members Maear, MoSik, Ric* and Tony Bones have grown up performing together and have recently formed as one. Inspired by the veterans of the 90's, they aim to restore the balance of dope conscious UK hip-hop whilst being true to their migrant roots and delivering a positive message.

Jungle Brown | H.I.S.T.O.R.Y [Music Video]: SBTV
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Video directed and edited by Diaghe
Videographer: James Ryan
Timelapse Photography: Diaghe
Mixed By Tony Bones
Sponsored by Meishmellow Clothing.
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