Championing a sound that captures the heart and soul of Hip Hop, Bristol native K*Ners releases his conscious single ‘Celebrate’.

Activating a deep sense of nostalgia through looping samples and a crisp vinyl feel, K*Ners paints a myriad of pictures and thoughts via his sharp wordsmithery with a throwback delivery.

Building his foundation as a ragga MC on a sound system, K*Ners is the latest in a succession of musical innovators from Bristol treading a path beaten by Wild Bunch, Massive Attack, Portishead, Tricky, Roni Size and more recently, dubstep producer Joker. Connecting the dots between the worlds of Ragga and Hip Hop, K*Ners has a fine-tuned sound that lies across both spectrums of the genres.

Creating a catalogue of music spanning over the last decade including his debut album “K In Da Flesh”, as well as his recently released second album “Voice of the City”, K*Ners has built a strong following over the years. He has also performed along the likes of legends that include Sugar Hill Gang, Mos Def, GZA/Genius (Wu-Tang), Tinchy Stryder and Mark Ronson.

“Celebrate, is a song to celebrate the fact you can start off in the hoods, slums and ghetto’s in life but still come out and reach your goals and live your dreams.” – K*Ners

VIDEO: https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=xuYb5l2c9K0&feature=youtu.be 

CONNECT WITH THE K*NERS> Twitter: @k_ners | Instagram: @k_ners

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