Previously part of the British R&B group Fundamental and now making it on his own in the UK, the amazing Kyle Lettman was kind enough to have a quick chat with us about his self.

Hi Kyle – how are you?

I’m great guys. I genuinely can’t complain, life’s really good right now!

Tell us a bit about yourself?

Sure, I was born in London but I’ve lived in a few different countries growing up. I love singing, dancing, acting, writing…pretty much anything to do with entertainment! I have two sisters, who have been my rock through thick and thin. Oh, and I’m also a Pisces!

What inspires you as an artist?

Fred Astaire, Micheal Jackson, and Whitney Houston to name a few. In terms of dancehall; Beenie Man and Sean Paul are my favourites. In my music, I draw inspiration from lots of different styles such as Soca, RnB, Hip Hop and Afro Beats.

If you could work with any artist, who would it be?

In the UK, It would have to be Emile Sande and Wretch 32. Other than that, I’d love to work with Timberland out of respect for what he did with Missy Elliot and Aaliyah.

Your single Explode” was one of our favourite songs at Choice FM, what inspired you to create it?

Aw that’s lovely to hear, you’ve made my morning! You know what, I’m going to be honest. That song is from a personal experience. I really liked a woman who of course, I won’t name (because you probably know her haha). Her Ex really didn’t like me seeing her because he wanted to get back with her. So, we played the “I’m your little secret” game for a while – it was a lot of fun lol. The song highlights the memorable moments and conversations we had when we were together.

You were part of UK R&B group Fundamental back in the mid-noughties, can you tell us a bit about your time with the group?

Noughties?? We got together in 2003, haha we were babies then!

Sure, We got to tour the UK performing, everywhere and anywhere that wanted us. We were lucky enough to cross paths with some of the talents of the time such as the Sugarbabes. Our team then took us to America to work with Ne-Yo and other amazing writers and artists.

We actually did a duet with Nicole Scherzinger called Happily Never After, one of the many songs we did that no-one got to hear haha.

Unfortunately, the band had to disband but you were able to go solo. How was the transition between the two?

It was difficult if I’m honest, I gave up music after we broke up. My dream had died and I didn’t think I was good enough to go solo. It was my manager who truly believed in my talent and got me back into writing and singing. Now, I love it, there’s no pressure and I genuinely enjoy the art again. It’s not going be the same as being in a brotherhood, but it’s different and I’m finding myself. It’s the best kind of journey.

Do you still keep in touch with the other members?

Absolutely! We have a group chat on WhatsApp and we always let each other know if something’s happening or if we just want to share a memory. We will be brothers forever.

You have worked quite a lot in the US in the past, would like to work in the US again?

For now, my main focus will be the UK, working in the US is something to think about later when I develop further as a solo artist. I’m very realistic and practical about my approach to the music industry. I believe in making an impression on your home turf before branching out to other places.

We’ve also heard that you’re an accomplished dancer.

I had lots of dance training when I was with the group but I also studied dance at the Lambeth Performing Arts College in Clapham Common. I wouldn’t say I’m professional but I can hold a wine and a routine when I need to!

You write songs too?

Yes, I feel like that’s a necessary skill as an artist because it cuts out the time waiting for someone else to do it for you. Saying that, collaborations between writers is just as important. But, I think of it as a basic skill, songwriting needs to be learnt by anyone wanting to become more involved in music.

Other than dancing and writing songs, is there any other hobbies you have in your personal time?

I write web series’ believe it or not!

The first series I came up with was called ‘Dance 4 Me’ and it won a Daily Motion competition in 2014. That was a big accomplishment to me and everyone involved. I wrote another called ‘Fight Club London’ and I’m in the process of getting it filmed as we speak. You can see a preview on my Instagram page in the Bio.

What has been the highlight of your career so far?

I opened the Show for Omarion at Koko Camden, the crowd love what we did that night and I’m very proud of the vibe that we achieved. We went in! Dancers, flips, routines, stage props -I even brought in guest performer Coco Dupree. Give me a big stage and I’ll give you a SHOW haha!

What’s next for you Kyle?

Focusing on developing the ‘LateNightLabs’ record label, our aim is to be renown for purely quality music and entertainment. Myself alongside rapper: Voltage’ and singer: Coco Dupree will be working on making ‘LateNightLabs’ a household name.

We’ve got big dreams

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