Release date: 2/15/2018


The American rapper known as KING hails from Northwest of Florida. He grew up as a fan of Music in The small Ghetto Of the Cantonment Area, Living a harsh reality and a life where drug dealers had everything and ordinary families struggled to survive, King choose the street life, 18 miles from the beach KIng learn the Game from the older Gangster and After losing alot of childhood friend and family members to Jail or death decided Rap would be his way out, so every day after to school him and his friend will record rap on a tape recorder and write song    Clearly a talented wordsmith, producer. writer, painter, graphic, gorilla film artist, He cites his main influences as the hip-hop artists he spent his youth listening to. He honed his skills as a rapper by entering rap battles, claiming his first victory in a Army barracks, in Ft lee VA.While at state college studying art he held many job title from Soldier- Electrician but always remain to keep one foot in the street. In 97 King team up with life long friend Phillip Predue and ended up getting his first break, after one beat and 30min of pages filled rhyme after rhyme they were signed on the spot to a Sony Street Label Souja Music To the group Soulja Mafia together that spawned A Pointless Song, (Aint No Love) Produced By Lumberjack. The label came under fire from the federal Government When Owner (Black) was Catch in a drug trafficking ring and was sentence to 10+ year in prison. King then Teamed up withLife long friend Mario who was a street wise guy who want to see King win so he funded King’s first album… Self Titled the album was call Lagator which by the way was Kings stage name at the Time. The Album was a local hit but never broke into mainstream. After the album and a few show King head back into the studio to record a new solo album but never released it.Years past by and although King was focused on music, He always had Music in his heart creating beats and song here and there he choose to join the Army in order to have more of a foundation in life and this is where he long time influence would bring him back to the driver seat to create this body of work today Alpha