Lovari’s latest music video “Keep It Movin'” continues his unapologetic attitude and behavior. The three-minute clip features the singer and actor as a news reporter with images of words on video screens presenting opposing viewpoints. Among them are Let’s Get Vaccinated Vs. Just Say No, Defund The Police Vs. Call 911, Black Lives Matter Vs. All Lives Matter, White Privilege Vs. Karen Is A Racist Term, Marriage Vs. Sidechick and more.

The song originally appeared on Lovari’s album “No Holding Back”, but seemingly due to the content of the lyrics, it has made a resurgence on streaming platforms. With lines that include, “Getting really sick of you. Hypocritic attitude. This trickery going on. Fighting for justice.”, it’s easy to see why it has regained traction years later.

You can watch Lovari’s Keep It Movin’ here

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