Release Date: February 19th
Label: M Jeni Records

Michael M Jeni is an AfroPop/AfroBeat Artist & Producer from Iowa. Michael recently released his brand new single “Heartbreak”, truly a beautiful song with a story that most can relate too. “Heartbreak is hell sometimes” Michael says, “it’s a feeling I can’t really put into words, whether it happened a year or two ago, or more recently it still hurts at times, it’s so much tied with it given whatever the situation was at that time.” “For me, music gives me the best way to express any emotions I’m having, If I feel down I’ll sit with it, let me understand why I feel this emotion. Emotions are just energy and motion, so feel it, let it go, find something positive to focus on.

The song was not only written and performed by the artist, but also engineered, mixed and mastered as well! Michael M Jeni has a lot to contribute to his work but despite his multi-faceted versatility however, the beat was produced by popular producer YOUNG OG BEATS


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Instagram: @michaelmjeni
Twitter: @michaelmjeni
FaceBook: @michaelmjeni

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