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Amos J Frederick (aka DJ MISTA MOS) a secondary school teacher by day, a music lover for life, a music producer and a qualified Elite LSA DJ after school hours.

From the age of 14, growing up around the sound system culture, exposed him to all types of reggae, soul/ rare groove, hip hop and funk music. Which then ignited his obsession to become a collector of music.

Amos’s music specialism covers Reggae, Drum’n’Bass (Jungle), Soulful House and Garage. Inspired by his huge appreciation of different genres, has developed a critical ear which enables him to gauge and influence audiences at venues such as Egg London and the world-famous Ministry of Sound.

Amos’s mission is to take people on ‘a return’ journey to the time when music caused your body to move with the rhythm and feet shuffling to the beat.

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