$MOOV3 TH3 R3B3L IS A LYRICIST SLASH STORY TELLER. HE HAS BEEN DOING MUSIC SINCE HE WAS 7-8 YEARS OLD… He was born in San Francisco CA and raised in Sacramento CA. His focus is to bring back balance to hip hop by revealing the truth to our people over beats.

His latest single was Rambo and it’s revolutionary and lyrical all the way through. He hit points that everyone can relate to. Reason why Smoov3 Th3 R3bel named the single that is because he feels like Rambo in this world full of greed and confusion and in the movie Rambo he fought against those kinda of people, u can catch the video for Rambo on youtube

Smoov3 Th3 R3bel also has another video coming soon for the single named King Kong which is out right now on sound cloud Listen to KING KONG by $MOOV3 TH3 R3B3L #np on #SoundCloud

This song is his way of expressing how I feel inside like a beast in American trapped in my own skin so in this song I break free on my King Kong lol. It’s all my struggles and pain and strengths in one. Next will be a video for the song Prices he has out on sound cloud Listen to Prices by $MOOV3 TH3 R3B3L #np on #SoundCloud

This song is about the prices he’s paid to get where he’s at…and on the flip side what prices would u pay to get where u want to be in life.

After that single it will be a video for my song called REAL ONES out on sound cloud now Listen to Real Ones LMM (1) by $MOOV3 TH3 R3B3L #np on #SoundCloud

This track means allot to him and has a great feel but it’s about the so called real ones he’s lost to these streets or jail or snitching or turning on him and also about the Real ones he love’s and honor and respect that he has lost good or bad….how friends can become enemies…

“I’m also working on some new lyrics to two beats I’ve just bought from a awesome producer put of balitmore check his IG out his nice at what he does. He is the producer of the beats for my next two singles called F.O.E meaning Freedom over everything and second is the song called I AM PAIN. LOOKOUT FOR THOSE”