Released: 04/02/2019
Label: Gitmo Music

Muenster had this to say about his new project:

I have created a new work of art, Weirdope, my fourth solo release and second on Gitmo Music. For the very first time, this album is something I believe is worthy of wax. I worked with Sun Press Vinyl out of Miami along side Tuff Gong, and we pressed this record up. I have intentionally tapped into the nuance, pulse, or current culture wave of particular song structure or bass heavy, modern production to draw in a new audience. I coupled that approach with staying on message to the narrative of crippling abuse by those in power and a constant disenfranchisement of thought and action through what we are being driven to accept, or be disregarded as a hater or irrelevant. So…fine, watch me work…. I flipped your favorite styles… come and see come and see… I chopped on your trap…come and see come and see… I brought substance back…come and see come and see… I have a message.. Come and see come and see…