A buzzing hip hop hit ‘lil booty big booty’ is out with a bang. The track featuring singer-songwriter Polo 500 is a treat to the club with its tight beats and throbbing deep bass. The incredible pop creates a wild bop vibe encouraging dancing freely and recklessly. Lo500 burst out and stole the show while performing ‘lil booty nd booty’ at the twerk contest and pulled off the upset.

The song was recorded at time when the first version got viral with twerk videos being posted endlessly at the rollout. Well it’s all in the instrumentation. You can see your body gaining the rhythm as the beat picks up.

“I was influenced by the lyricists the storytellers and the golden era of hip hop from Nas, Pac , Big , OutKast , Dre , Snoop Etc. That inspired me to pick up a pen and pursue my music career”, said Polo, revealing his inspiration for pursuing the path of music career.

The thrill won’t end as Polo seems to go all-out, “In 5 years I see myself being the CEO of my own company. A billboard charting artist and helping others express themselves through writing instead of the streets”.