Richy Kwan, is a promising young rap, hip-hop, pop recording artist and record producer hailing from Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada. After getting over 10 million views on Soundcloud and gaining recognition from the 3 time winner of Western Canadian Music Awards music engineer and Juno Nominated judge, Jamie Kuse, he has already started releasing his most recent work that has people saying he is “next up”. Richy Kwan not only has his way with music he also is establishing himself as a young businessman and entrepreneur. His network and marketing skills were one of the reasons he was able to accomplish the astounding 10 million hits he received after his last album, “Clockwork”.

This has not always been easy work for Kwan. After the suicide of his father during his high school graduation year, he found himself at rock bottom, doing some of the hardest kind of work tackling bigger issues in regards to his mental and emotional health, learning things not only about himself but the deep rooted issues in others as individuals and a social collective. This in itself has strengthened his talents gaining a blooming amount of wisdom to share to the world, making his new releases a reflection of his shear will that pulled him through the mental and emotional drought everyone experiences on many levels everyday. Composing modern Pop, R&B and hip hop, he is forging the excalibur of his work.

After everything he’s experienced from the loss of his Dad, to creating and mastering two solo EP’s and a solo album, Richy Kwan doubled down on his music career and has focused all of his energy on creating the music everyone loves, inspiring not only artists but entrepreneurs of this world to traverse the boundaries weaved into our social fabric. He does this for the love of music and especially for the love of the people in this fruitful culture that is growing exponentially everyday.