KAFFARA ROBERTS aka ROBY BAMBOO was born in Newark New Jersey. at the age of 10 he moved to Hartford Connecticut because of the rapid violence that was occurring at the time, every night his mother worked a double in order to provide for her only son and her house. While kaffara’s mother was at work he occasionally spent time with his 2 young aunties Lindsay and Tammy who both shared a love for music. Every day his 2 aunts would sit back and watch MTV music choice, TRL,106&park, and everything that had to do with music, and kaffara? well let’s say he mostly spent time reading book and doing homework and when it was 2 hours before his bed time he would sneak in the living room and watch every bit of music videos  that he can watch and memorise artist such as Nelly, Jay-z, Bow Wow and many more. 


Fast forward a couple years pass by and kaffara is on YouTube watching and listening  and also lip singing some of his favorite hip hop artist. he would sit in front of the computer for hours studying every artist that he selected to watch. He finally came to a conclusion and said “fuck it i wanna be a rapper” like every other young kid it didnt really go as planned. kaffara would often recite lyrics from his favorite rapper “tyga” and write them onto a nope pad but also mix the words up a lil bit. kaffara was doing this trend for quite some time till he entered the 7th grade then linked up with one of his best friends today K-SAV. Sav was in the same grade as kaffara and also shared the same dream with kaffara..That’s right he also wanted to be a rapper..they both made a pack to become rapper together and ever since then they haven’t let that pack down. roby and sav would go on to attend the same high school and, while in high school they found out more and more about hip hop and how everything works. While sav was going in and out of high school and getting suspended for fights roby found his self a rap group called ‘medicated pack’ they would often record songs on their phones and upload them to soundcloud, they would often get views but not as much as they wanted years pass and roby and sav graduate together in the same class 2016 and would go on to work 9-5 jobs in ored to pay for studio time, music videos ,and photo shoots, slowly and slowly the quality of their music got better and better and now roby is currently living in Miami shore to pursue his music career and attend open mic’s and any other performance.


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