With the release of her brand new Music video and new single ‘Back To Live’, the wonderfully talented Roxxxan was kind enough to have a quick chat with us about herself.

Hi Roxxxan – how are you?

Hey 🙂 I’m really good thank you

Tell us a bit about yourself?

I’m a GANJAH puffin, CRYSTAL rubbing, UNIVERSE trusting, SWAGGA muffin, DAGGA loving, OWE you nothing, CALL your bluffing,type of g (girl) lol!

What inspired you to become an MC?

Ms Dynamite, seeing her spit alongside the men (So Solid Crew) it felt like me at the time, growing up around all the boys that respected me.

Who inspires you?

My mom, Bob Marley and my struggle. They all STAND for something

If you could work with any artist, who would it be?

2pac and Beyonce – I’m her biggest fan! Standing for woman everything based around culture at the moment is really inspirational

Your new single ‘Back to Live’ is a darker entry than your previous work. What inspired you to create this?

(Living it) Sitting in my hostel feeling alone and miles from planet earth. I put my headphones in and wrote it all as if I have already written it.

Can we expect much of the same in your future songs?

You can expect the same honesty, but no haha! I’m good I’m settled and over come my dark patch. Back To Live was me letting it all out to move on and encourage people in similar situations. And a reminder to myself that i got through it!

What has been the highlight of your career so far?

Working with Mikey J. I know that sounds so cheesy but I’m so grateful for him not only is he an amazing producer he’s a good person one of my best friends and has always had my back and gave me the real as raw as it might be. I appreciate that. Being signed was great having an advance living rich for a year ( haha) was great but I want more then gas.

How was the backpack gang created? Is it something you still focus on?

Yes of course, I’ve just dropped the clothing line!! ( BACKPACK GANG is a movement of people that love music a good time fashion and positive energy. everyone is welcome to join! our only rule is to spread LOVE

We’ve heard you used to do boxing? Is that something you still do? 

Yes I did:) no I don’t anymore, I still train and go to the gym.. training keeps me focused and calm

What is next for Roxxxan?


Finally – what piece of advice would you give any aspiring MC and artists out there?

Find yourself. Be patience and most of all WORK HARD!

Make sure you check out the video for her brand new single ‘Back To Live’ here:


Boss of the backpack gang, Roxxxan makes a deliberate and perfectly timed return in to the ring with the release of ‘Back To Live’.

The Birmingham ambassador has previously sparred alongside respected MCs like P Money, on sets with Goldie, Skream, Benga and Caspa whilst working with producers such as Yogi, TMS, Bless Beats, Wiley, Sunny, Donaeo, Mikey J and Riton on her releases that have seen her championed by the likes of former Radio 1 Dj Zane Lowe, DJ Target (1Xtra), Swerve (Kiss) and MistaJam (Radio1/1Xtra).

Presenting an explorative delivery, ‘Back To Live’ feels darker, eloquent and matured, paying tribute to the wisdom and experience she has gathered on her journey. ‘Back To Live’ is a myriad of juxtaposition from the audio to the visuals. Frustration versus determination as emotion leads the bars and there’s a cold, hard, unapologetic urban landscape that sets the backdrop for the visual, which marries warmth and beauty in to it via flashes of colour and style.

A clear risk taker, Roxxxan has always presented her craft in a way that can only be taken seriously. Honest, spicey and explosive lyrics, as demonstrated on Charlie Sloth’s Fire In Booth, make you gravitate towards the interesting and talented individual that she is. As the initial taste to her forthcoming E.P set for release, Roxxxan is back and is ‘Back to Live’.

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