Release date: 01.03.2018

SLKT4 is a bright representative of so-called “EAST WAVE” or other words East European vibe. Being a resident of one of the post-soviet republics, SLKT4 is a mixture of Belarusian, Ukrainian, Polish and Russian blood.

Just recently, he has released a video on the joint called “Motorola”. «This solid track is a jiggy representation of Gotham living» – as it was stated by SLKT4 himself. The composition contains a lot of references connected with Slav culture distinctive evets. Like Chechnya war or the mass crimes in the 90’s. Hook sounds a bit lazy but in contrast with verse endings in comes up very catchy. “Motorola” has bars, flow and the potential of new-school banger.

The video is shot in a cheap manner but really interesting to watch due to various video effects.

Hoping to hear more material from SLKT4 this year.


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