Hi SNOW FLAKES –how are you?

Thank you.
Thank you for having me here today.
I am and feeling good. After an intensiv and long period of work my debut EP NO NATION is released.
I was more then ready to share this songs with the world and to present me to my audience with an entire Album.

Tell us a bit about yourself?

My name is Snow Flakes (Japhet Emeiwo) and I consider myself as a singer, song writer and composer.
I have dual nationality; Togolese nationality, which is where I was born and Nigerian nationality, which is where I spent most of my childhood. So my life has been split between Togo an Nigeria since my childhood.

Was there anyone specific that inspired your sound?

Growing up between Togo and Nigeria Music was always the strongest fix point in live. I started of with freestyle after school …. killing all the freebeats that I could get hands on. It was a period of experimenting and mad crossover vibes. You asked me if specifically anyone inspired me …. I would say Micheal Jackson, Eminem, Wizkid.
But to be honest, still as a young kid I did not like to limit me on one musical world. Through music I like to discover cultures, because once you are able to connect to different musical universes, it makes it easy to connect to them.

If you could work with any artist now, who would it be?

I would love to work with Burna Boy, Rema, Wizkid…. yeah actually I would connect naturally and brilliant with Wizkid.

You have released a new album ‘No Nation’. What inspired the title of the EP?

My identity and how I work on my music and my music inspired me to the album title NO NATION.
I am a young man from Togo … one no different from all of my generation. we don’t let anything steal our dreams and nothing can stop us from realizing our visions. Not even country or geographical borders will stop or block my … our visions. Mine is about music that will touch and change the world. Even growing up with dual nationality I always liked the idea of beeing a citizen of Africa, rather then being limited on one country. This attitude is also part of my musical identity. I am open to different music genres, which makes it easy for me to feel at home in different universes of sound and expresses my artistic essence again and again in different timbres and vibes. At the core, however, I am driven by Afrobeats and the self-confidence of the future and the strength of the past of my West African cultural history and music. NO NATION… free and unstoppable. I am Snow Flakes a.k.a. Bwadman Santana, my music is AFRO TANGO NEGRO.

‘She Kill Man’ is the hot single with an amazing video you selected to promote the project. What else can listeners expect from this album?

Magic ….. you can expect magic and one hour of peace and joy. Afrobeats that connect you to the world. West African vibes, International… Intercontinental Features and Music straight from my heart.

What has been one of highlights of creating and realizing the album „NO NATION“?

I can’t easily cut it down to one highlight, for that it was to rich in experiences I made. But the whole work process was a never before expirienced Highlight to me.
During several months, I worked intensively with Specialists from twelve countries. I found new friends, collaborators and partners. The involved people were present digitally or in real life to complete the various stages of production with their specific services. Collaborators from South Africa, Zambia, Zimbabwe, Ghana, The Ivory Coast, The United States, Burundi, Kenya, Nigeria, Congo, Switzerland and France were actively involved in the implementation of the project in countless Internet conferences and information exchanges. Now all of that is one breath taking highlight to me. Art unites people and then everything is possible.

What is next for SNOW FLAKES?

Actually, my Album is just like the tip of an iceberg. So expect more to come and many surprises that will follow. All I do is for my fans and for my people. I want to make our heritage and culture shine a light into the cold world we live in today. My adventure has just begun. Feel invited to join and follow me on my journey. #BlackIsTheFuture #NoNation OneTime!

Finally – what piece of advice would you give any aspiring creator and artist out there?

Keep on working hard. Believe in yourself. Don’t be afraid of being different, then that will probably be your biggest strength and keep your dreams allways in your front pocket. More Blessings come to the brave. OneTime