NO NATION is a anthem to love. Urban poet, SNOW FLAKES takes us into his universes, as diverse as they are atypical, which vibrate with the breath of love. In this world of pain and uncertainty, the only place where men and women from different backgrounds can find themselves is in love. In this album, the artist sings with passion, poetry, love, desire, emotion and ressentment.


The ultimate dream of SNOW FLAKES has always been to offer music that transcends territories in their geospatial conceptions. His music brings a certain universality, specific to his origins. This SNOW FLAKES album arrived with all its rhythmic power to remind us that the only chance we have to exist is to look love in the eye on a daily basis.

NO NATION is a snapshot of an atypical musical world and will put your body and soul into a trance in this year 2020.

SNOW FLAKES started working on his debut studio album in 2019. Now it’s official.

After SEXY MARIA, SNOW FLAKES released SHE KILL MAN (Song + Video) on Friday August 28. This is the second song, which is an extract from the album NO NATION, which was released on the same day. SHE KILL MAN is the result of an extraordinary collaboration between SNOW FLAKES and the Nigerian composer and Afrobeat star, KILLERTUNES. An expression of the captivating passion of a love that intoxicates until it loses its soul. It is an invitation to his fans; a delicious taste of the album NO NATION.

SNOW FLAKES will sweep across Africa like a blizzard. Snow in Africa is an extremely rare event. The rarity and freshness it brings, testifies to the uniqueness of SNOW FLAKES through his work.

When it snows, the snow falls in many flakes everywhere and regardless of geographic boundaries. So, that’s why the album NO NATION has 20 (twenty) songs, which is an above average number of tracks. The versatility and richness of his compositions will enlighten you in the spirit of love and joy.

With NO NATION, SNOW FLAKES announces a surprise; a snow season in Africa. So, get ready to experience a unique event in the world.


Listening to NO NATION, you will realize that Snow masters all the production gadgets available to him. NO NATION by Snow Flakes fits into any trendy playlist that celebrates new and potentially successful talent.

The songs on the album are an explicit cross-border African experience. It’s not just complacency that made Snow Flakes call his album NO NATION this of course signifies his identity. The spirit of cross-border fusion, common in hip hop and rock, is used here in the Afrobeat genre.

“He has always had the drive and set his mind on worldwide recognition. Borders are fluid to him; a Togolese of Nigerian origin who, from a creative point of view, left the pop of his country of origin in order to advance his career on the African continent, as well as in the whole world.” – Andre Katta (CEO and Executive Producer / GBK)

Snow’s sound is typically upbeat, with a mid-to-high tempo beat and easy, catchy vocals. He enjoys singing vibrations and feelings that are purposeful and make you dance, shake your head, and forget your sorrows. Much of Snow’s musical appeal can be attributed to his upbeat, lively instrumentals and pleasant lyrics, which tend to celebrate life, love, and positive experiences. While singing, Snow defines himself with a cool, minimalist and relaxed atmosphere, typical of Afrobeat. Vocally, however, he manages to have his own identity… to maintain a characteristic that runs as a common thread throughout the album.

“Afrobeats is embedded in people’s cultures; it’s not just a cool thing. People live it and breathe it. It’s a real culture, it’s not just a musical genre. It’s like when hip-hop started back in the day. They told their stories through music. With music, there are many different ways my generation can present our Africa in a different light.” – Snow Flakes



Snow deliberately chose just five guest appearances of other artists. NO NATION needed to, above all, have his signature, define him as an artist and serve as the basis for his young career.

WA is a song sung with Young Paris (signed in 2016 by JayZ / ROC NATION) the famous American artist of Congolese origin. Two musical styles mingled at the height of modern international urban Afrobeat. This track brings a flamboyant original color and raises the album to another level. Stars must shine, it is in their nature.

RAMBO with Kiko (Togo), promises and delivers English and French Afropop in this sexy and unique collaboration. With Snow and Kiko you have the two most versatile and most promising talents from Togo together on one track. It doesn’t take more than a minimalist rhythm to ignite the two, to let their wonderful vibes shine and to delight listeners.

For the song FUKA FUKA, Snow joins forces with Murphy, (Switzerland), who is part of the dizzying history of the successful movement of European artists of African origin who make Afrobeat music, which is hugely successful in the European market and abroad. Its rough and rugged style is an interesting contrast to Snow Flakes’ style, which elevates the song with its well-delivered catchy musical hooks.

With BANJO, Snow leads the current international boom of Latin American music, in a harmonious interaction with Mr Kamera (Zimbabwe / South Africa), in Togo and therefore creates a fusion with his own African tone in his singing voice. Seductive, rhythmic and fresh, BANJO is a song that lets you feel the essence of summer.

GAGA feat. Miss Erica (Burundi). Artistically, this feature allows the two artists to explore new musical lands. It is proof that the marriage of their two opposing styles totally works. A real hit.


For four months, Snow worked intensively in different studios in Lomé, working closely with international composers such as Mr Kamera (South Africa / Zimbabwe), FreshVDM (Nigeria), Killertunes (Nigeria), Mae N. Maejor (Zambia) , PayAttentionToTheDrums (Togo), Mosess Beats
(Ghana), Endeetone by Beat Lord (Nigeria) and Merlin Cornu (Switzerland). You can tell that the main theme of NO NATION is also reflected in the list of people involved in the process of creating SNOW FLAKES’ debut album.

Specialists from twelve countries were present digitally or in real life to complete the various stages of production with their specific services. Collaborators from South Africa, Zambia, Zimbabwe, Ghana, The Ivory Coast, The United States, Burundi, Kenya, Nigeria, Congo, Switzerland
and France were actively involved in the implementation of the project in countless Internet conferences and information exchanges.

The album described as an Anthem of Love called ‘NO NATION’ by SNOW FLAKES is out now and available to stream on all major streaming platforms. Click the below link to listen now: