Under My Skin

ELaB Records

Release: 10 February 2017

SPC ECO to Release ‘Under My Skin’ EP, Features in Teen Wolf Soundtrack

FOR FANS OF: Snowbird, Curve, Echobelly, Cocteau Twins, Marissa Nadler, Ummagma, Jane Siberry

Bandcamp https://spceco.bandcamp.com/album/under-my-skin
Soundcloud https://soundcloud.com/spc-eco/sets/under-my-skin-ep
‘Under My Skin’  https://youtu.be/kf02c_Hz3Ig
‘Found’ https://youtu.be/F9jWFtkLLJQ
‘Let It Be Always’ https://youtu.be/izT6Zi6YysU
‘Creep in the Shadows’ https://youtu.be/njkMw68vpXI
‘Think Twice’ (‘Anomalies’ LP – 2016) https://youtu.be/9YHoTbC3SXw

“What might have happened if the former Cocteau Twins chanteuse had started a side project with members of Massive Attack following the success of their 1998 classic Mezzanine” – AllMusic

“Rose and Dean are perfect together, as they’ve demonstrated time and again through stellar works loaded with rhythm and attitude – menacing and dark on the one hand, and heartfelt and playful on the other” – Big Takeover Magazine

“Wonderfully evocative atmospheric pop that other artists would die for… perfectly judged balance between darkness and light, sugar and spite”
 – The VPME

“Electric echoes encompassed in a world of deep maroon” – Impose Magazine

Electronic dream pop duo SPC ECO present their single ‘Under My Skin’, which also just featured in Series 6 Episode 7 of the MTV series ‘Teen Wolf’.

“It was fantastic to wake up and hear what had happened with the Teen Wolf sync. Under My Skin is very close to both mine and dad’s hearts so it couldn’t have been a better track for something like this to happen to,” says SPC ECO vocalist Rose Berlin.

SPC ECO is comprised of alternative electronic maverick producer Dean Garcia, the musical mastermind behind seminal alternative rock band Curve, and his daughter Rose Berlin.

Rose is a Sound and Light artist, having graduated from Camberwell College of Arts in 2013 with a first class honours degree. She experiments with the potential for sound and light to be used as atmospheric mediums, intent on bridging the gap between art and music. She has exhibited her work in various shows around London and, in 2015, was selected to showcase her work as part of the Venice Biennale. Rose is currently making artwork for a show in London.

For his whole life, Dean Garcia has been sculpting sound to create alternate-universe pop hits that simultaneously straddle several genres. Apart from a decade with SPC ECO and nearly 15 years with Curve, Garcia has also toured the world several times and recorded multiple albums with such established artists as Eurythmics, Mick Jagger, Jeff Beck, Bryan Ferry, Sinead O’Connor and Ian Dury.

On ‘Under My Skin’, Rose Berlin is at her most vulnerable and tender, expressing her lament in crooning fashion. This lustrous finely-spun SPC ECO track is so well delivered that she seemingly placates any emotional wreckage that might otherwise be felt. Beginning with the words “I’m done crying for moments I once adored”, Berlin seems to sing on a wavelength connected directly to your soul.

“There was a truly emotional earthquake between Rose and myself due to a personal ongoing issue, which left us both scarred and in tears,” explains Dean Garcia. “One hour later to mend us both, I asked her if she would like to sing on the sad piano song again and she sang what you hear on the track. Driven to tears once again but for the polar opposite reasons this song is the epitome of the unquestionable love and bond that only occurs between family.”

Unquestionably one of the most prolific bands today, SPC ECO (pronounced Space Echo) are currently on a roll. Over the past year, they have released ‘Dark Matter’ and ‘Anomalies’ on Saint Marie Records, both to critical acclaim, in addition to two albums released through Dean’s side projects S T F U (with Preston Maddox of Bloody Knives) and M A D (with Monty from The Jesus & Mary Chain).

The video for ‘Under My Skin’, created by Harry Kite Garcia, was filmed on Hornsey Lane Bridge – otherwise known as Suicide Bridge.

‘Under My Skin’ was originally released on the album ‘Dark Matter’, which is available digitally, on CD and vinyl through Saint Marie Records. This EP also features ‘Found’ and ‘Meteor’, several other haunting, minimalist tracks that are nothing short of breathtaking. This EP is being made available via SPC ECO’s Bandcamp at http://spceco.bandcamp.com. The duo is currently recording a new album, which is due out this summer.


1. Under My Skin   04:05

2. Meteor   04:19

3. Creep In The Shadows   04:28

4. Let It Be Always   03:22

5. Found   04:59


Produced, recorded and mixed by Dean Garcia at the ELaB UK

Written by Rose Berlin and Dean Garcia

Rose Berlin – Voice and Words

Dean Garcia – Music – Bass Drums Keys and Programming

Jarek Leskiewicz – Drone on ‘Found’

Video produced and filmed by HKG

Special thanks to Teen Wolf and MTV

Dedicated to Junior Beare


I’m just trying for

What’s the point in it all

Where you fighting your battles

Are you on my side

I’m done crying for moments I once adored

Why is all this in pieces can’t you let it lie

Leave love alone

Water under my skin

We are a long way from home

Water under

In every step and all your work you’ve made

I knew you’d take it back all along say the words I don’t want to feel

In every step and all your work you’ve made

Leave it I can’t bare sleeping alone

Leave love alone

Water under my skin

Looked for a long time

For me

I guess it’s all a memory

I lost a bet, a bet


All I fear is


Alone alone

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