Hi Tay Diddy – how are you?

What’s up JJ I’m good bro.

Tell us a bit about yourself?

– I’m Tay Diddy from San Diego California. CEO of LXMB Records & Founder of Trapseason Clothes. Just wana say rest easy to my lil bro Ryan Bowers. Doin it for him now

What inspired you to start making music early on in your career?

– had so much inspiration as a kid from my Grandma Ruby Wilson, and also attending San Diego Creative & Performing Arts.

Was there anyone specific that inspired your sound?

– I can’t really say someone inspired my sound but I definitely tried to be a mix of trap, mumble, and rock. Rock I mean like blink 182 style cause they pronounce there works perfectly. Young thing for the mumble style and Gucci Mane when I’m talking shit goin hard on a beat

If you could work with any artist now, who would it be?

– Young Thug or Lil Wayne

You started rapping back in 2009 giving you over a decade worth of experience. What are the highlights of your music career so far?

– Singing with Exotic Pop, Mac Dre Day, honestly, there’s way too many moments I consider major highlights.

Your most recent project entitled “We Workin” with your group LXMB released in February 2020 are there any group projects dropping soon?

– Bruh “We Workin” is now immortalized as a LXMB classic album. But yes HELLA NEW SHIT DROPPING! I just dropped like 5 new videos 3 off the We Workin album. Go subscribe LXMB Records on YouTube man. ARE NEXT ALBUM “BEACH BOYS” is complete not sure when it’s dropping but it’s done. Also my album is literally done I think. NO CLUE when that’s dropping I don’t even know what Ima title it yet. Too much unreleased music rn.

What is next for Tay Diddy?

– My solo album. I really have something special coming. And I’m so proud of myself of my new sound and music. Defiantly goin to make my fans really proud.

Finally – what piece of advice would you give any aspiring creator and artist  out there?

– Advice for new a creators, NEVER STOP DOIN WHAT YOU LOVE. Not everything is goin to be great or a hit, keep recording keep working. NEVER STOP WORKING.


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