With the release of his recent track ‘Figo’, Tottenham rapper Tayfun was kind enough to have a quick chat with us about his self.

1. What does the word ‘Figo’ necessary mean?

It’s a legendary football player that has played for Real Madrid and the national Portuguese football team in the past.

2. You had the likes of SLVR MAJOR and Patrick Osei to produce ‘Figo’, which has your cultural heritage and Hip Hop in the mix (thanks to Chris Athens). Will we be seeing this more from you in your next single and coming works?

Yes, most definitely you could expect more of the same production level that you are used to seeing during the audio of Figo.

3. How has your heritage influenced you in finding your own sound, seeing that you don’t shy away from your Turkish ancestry?

In terms of the influence my heritage and culture has on me, I worked towards in finding a sound that best suited my heritage as well as flow with the urban structure of rap. I can’t shy away from my heritage as it is who I am and where I come from. It’s made me who I am and influenced me in many ways, including music.

4. We spotted you playing an instrument at the end of the video. Are there other musical instruments that you can play?

The only instrument I could play is the Saz. I fell in love with the instrument at the tender age of 13 and ever since have been learning and playing it.

5. Your single reveals some dark moments. Do you believe that music was a salvation from reaching the crossroads (in life)?

Yes definitely. My history and my upbringing as given me material that I like to channel into music. It is a form of meditation as well as a story to tell during my songs.

6. Do you feel a sense of privilege of deciding not to go down the wrong path i.e guns, gangs and violence, despite being raised in Tottenham?

Being raised in Tottenham since I was born until now I have seen many situations that could be considered life risking. I found myself in certain situations as well. But I’d say I feel joy behind being raised in Tottenham as it has introduced me into rap culture that you just cannot sing about if I weren’t raised here.

7. A) Do you know that you’re from the same area as Skepta?

B) He did a special project with Levi’s #MusicMatters where he went back to the community to mentor and showcase new talent. How important is it for artists to always remember and return to their roots of upbringing, despite their international fame?

Of course, I’m well aware I’m from the same area as Skepta as well as Wretch 32 and Abra Cadabra.

I feel what Skepta did during that project was very touching. It showed he genuinely cared for where he came from and appreciated what it taught him and what he learned from it. Him projecting that onto the youth and up and coming talent definitely will be a confidence boost to all new comers, be it from Tottenham or not.

8. You’ve travelled across Europe. We want to know whether they’ve been receptive to UK music in your opinion. Especially since many artists here have been having gigs in places like…Amsterdam, USA and Ibiza.

The UK rap music is right now one of the hottest in the world. I believe the best music is coming out of our very own people right now. Hence why I’m not surprised people from abroad are embracing our music.

9. What are your next moves for the rest of the year? Any exclusives that you’d like to share?

I’m currently working on my next single. Although you could expect much more from me in the near future.

10. How can people purchase and stream your single ‘Figo’?

Spotify/Google Play/ Amazon/ Apple Music (Itunes)

Make sure you check out Tayfun’s “Figo” and visit his social media!




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