Soaring genre-blending Finnish duo Terminé present new single ‘Sideways’

Terminé - Sideways

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Finnish duo Terminé announce the release of their unique genre-blending debut 5-track EP, ‘Sideways’, set to drop on 18th December on Finnish label, Youth Control.

The project is the brainchild of the prolific Anton Sonin, accepted as one of Finland’s most established DJ/producers – having had releases with the likes of Anjunabeats, Spinnin’ Records and Universal Music – and sensational singer/songwriter Ben Andreas. Together the pair has created an EP that sits at the intersection of indie-rock and dance music, self-described as “new-wave indie-rock meets the infamous Panorama Bar at Berghain…influenced by the moody and epic atmosphere of french indie music, combined with 4/4 beats of kinda early-morning afterhours somewhere in East Berlin”.

The EP’s title track, ‘Sideways,’ kicks off the release with an echoing guitar riff before being joined by a repetitive xylophonic bassline, reminiscent of Dario G’s 90s seminal tropical-house track ‘Sunchyme’, before Andreas’ vocals begin to soar above the music’s foundations. As the layers build in intensity with the addition of percussion and synths, the track develops to a guitar-led breakdown, staying true to the duo’s unique blend of electro-indie tones. The euphoric second track, ‘Turn Off The Lights’, continues with their chilled vibe, with the soothing vocals once again taking centre stage to the expertly layered sound-world crafted by Sonin, including powerful but unobtrusive percussion and even a biblical organ chord sequence. ‘Satellites’ continues the theme of echoing guitar riffs: layered with samples and punchy bass, the track has expertly timed peaks and troughs, stripping the song back to basics to highlight first a catchy bass riff and then Andreas’ haunting falsetto vocals, before the dance-inspired rhythms and synths rejoin once again before a slow fade out.

The latter half of the EP switches it up a gear with a disco-funk inspired remix of ‘Sideways’ from Youth Control resident Roisto, whose previous work has premiered on the likes of Discobelle and Magnetic Magazine, the latter describing him as a ‘disco powerhouse…he flexes his disco muscles, and god damn are they toned and strong’. Roisto’s remix provides a completely fresh take on ‘Sideways’, whilst still staying true to the track’s unique origins. Changing the tone once again, Sami Saari aka Atoll Tone offers up a deep and powerful progressive take on ‘Turn Off The Lights’, providing a darker perspective to close out the EP.

Terminé have somehow found their feet in an instant with their debut EP, providing us with a release which is at once eclectic and consistent. From their towering euphoric original tracks, to the boogie and progressive offerings provided by two well polished remixes, this break-out Finnish duo are sure to keep on climbing.