Los Angeles based recording artist Xitanna is a versatile, multi-talented rapper-singer-model who is laying the groundwork to solidify her name in music industry circles.

She brings a unique brand of music to the table that stretches beyond the boundaries of genres and being boxed into any one particular sound.

Xitanna’s distinct fusion of hip-hop and R&B elements project vividly through the style of her music and dynamic vocals.

That takes us to her latest release titled “No Mercy”, a brash track vocally that’s driven by a compelling sound that makes it an undeniable smash.

About “No Mercy”

“No Mercy” grabs your attention right away from the first note as the intro flies in with a rhythmic mixture of abstract sound components and an intriguing melody that sounds similar to a harp or flamenco guitar.

Then the “speaker-thumping” kick drum and bass enter the track with a bang to certify the instrumental as a heavy hitter.

Xitanna steps up and meets the vibe that the beat creates with a captivating vocal delivery that’s bold, lively and emotive.

She displays an incredible vocal versatility as she flawlessly switches up her cadence, tone and inflection mid-flow depending on the lyric and subject matter.

Her lyricism in this track runs the full gamut of topics ranging from such things as unbridled boasts, to her boss status to her sex appeal to name a few.

Xitanna exudes an authentic confidence as she flows with poise across the boomin’ beat.

She draws you in and compels you to hang on each and every word in anticipation of what she’s going to say next.

“No Mercy” has all the makings of a song that’s sure to catch the attention of music listeners worldwide.

Likewise, Xitanna is setting the stage to etch her name among the latest set of new artists emerging to make a lasting impact on the music landscape.